The Art & Business of Wigs

presented by Vivienne MacKinder sponsored by TressAllure Ready-to-Wear Wigs

Vivienne is also one of the industry’s leading experts on wigs. Over her career, Vivienne has worked with wigs, for her editorial work, stage appearances, runway shows, photo shoots, and with the women Vivienne has helped to find fashionable solutions to the trauma of hair loss. We are thrilled to sponsor Miss Vivienne Mackinder in her FREE 11‑part educational series the Art and Business of Wigs and her Bootcamp soon to follow.

Features and benefits of TressAllure

  • Non-inventory program that allows you to service your clients with no risk or major investment
  • Access to continual on-line education
  • Accredited specialist certification
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  • The most Fabulous wigs in the world.

TressAllure® aims to inspire women to use their beauty and strength to change the world. To explore and experiment, to lead colorful lives and be bold in their actions, and experience the comfort of inner beauty.

Our objective is to provide stylists with the most technologically advanced stylish wigs, products, tools, training, media and services to grow our community, your revenue, and make our wigs come alive.

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